Portugal’s investment in knowledge, creativity and innovation stimulus, constitute a priority for the Portuguese Government. Materialized, among others, by defining public policies in the field of internationalization, involving the areas of Science, Technology, Higher Education and Foreign Affairs.

In Portugal, Higher Education, Science and Technology have been experiencing an unprecedented internationalization process, reaching acknowledgement in several different levels. Among others, a 119% increase in the number of foreign students in the last 8 years. A 74% growth of the number of PHD holders between 2000 and 2010. The Portuguese scientific production saw a 35 fold increase in the previous 25 years. And the Portuguese Higher Education Institutions reach each year higher and higher spots in the most prestigious international rankings, 7 degrees in the TOP of the Shanghai Ranking in 2018.

Intent on promoting knowledge and the internationalization of the Science, Technology and Higher Education Systems, the Portuguese Government has launched the Estudar e Investigar em Portugal / Study & Research in Portugal Initiative. Encompassing a platform to spread awareness of the national institutions, projects and activities related to the Higher Education, Science and Technology.

Study & Research in Portugal is a fundamental instrument for promoting the internationalization of the country in fields such as scientific diplomacy, tourism, mobility, the economy, heritage, language and culture.

One of the goals inscribed in the promotion plan of the Study & Research in Portugal Initiative specifically targets the Portuguese communities abroad. Getting them to know what the Higher Education, Science and Technology System in Portugal today represents. Being an alternative, and opportunity, to study or research, invest and promote further knowledge, developing innovation of international reference. The Portuguese Emigrants and their most direct relatives abroad may apply to the Concurso Nacional de Acesso ao Ensino Superior (National Higher Education Access Procedure). Having for the purpose a number of reserved vacancies, totaling 7% of the overall spots. For more information about eligibility, requirements and application procedure, please visit the following link.

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